About Raelene
      Sleeping Grace Photography

      There’s a phrase about loving what you do, and it not feeling like work at all. When I photograph your wedding or your newborn, that’s exactly how I feel.

      As a photographer based in beautiful Gippsland in Victoria, and I count myself incredibly lucky to be able to capture gorgeous humans at two of the happiest and in-love moments in their lives. 

I’m fuelled by love, every day.

      My love for weddings and everything that goes with them – the way they fuel the soul with connection, romance, joy and (of course) love. I adore connecting with the couple, meeting their bridal parties, capturing the laughter and the nerves and everything that goes along with the day. I never fail to leave a wedding with a soaring heart.

      MY LOVE

      My love for little babies, and of course, their parents. Capturing their tiny lashes, pouty sleeping lips and downy skin – wrapped in your arms or softly cradled…they’re honest and pure little things and I’m always in awe of their soulfulness. And especially my love for my own family: my absolute world, more than I can even begin to try and put into any certain words.
There’s my hubby – one very fine Cabinet Maker who renovated our beautiful home himself – and our four incredible little girls. They’re the magic that push me forward.

      I’m surrounded by so much love – and I’m lucky enough to live it in my photography, too – and I’d love to tell your love story.

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