So… I had this vision of placing a bath tub in the ocean and knew I HAD to do this without a doubt! And, slowly but surely it all came together. Someone was throwing out an old bath tub so I informed my husband that it must come home with us and sit on the front lawn for 4 months. I then went on a family weekend away and made them drive the Island searching for the “perfect” location, needless to say I chose the one spot that had endless stairs to even reach any water. “The bath tub requires 6 fully grown men to carry”, said my father in law and because I must deep down think that I am Thor, I laughed at him and secretly knew I could get it down there with just me and some girlfriends. Turns out, it was extremely heavy and after finding some manly men to carry it, they thought it was crazy to even attempt the stairs because, what goes down must also come back up. It wasn’t an option that this tub wouldn’t make the sand, after all, I just drove a trailor for 2 hours, making sure I never parked the vehicle in a position that would require reversing to take place. So, after the decision was made not to push an old metal bath tub off the cliff to get it down their, the epic effort of the stairs happened and it worked! As people watched on and wondered what on earth was going on, we freaked out thinking that everyone was calling the police because after dumping the old bath and running it would in anyone’s eye’s look pretty damn dodgy. We decided, well the more responsible friend involved did, to pop a note on the old tub just explaining why it was there, with some band aids, as you do. Enough about the tub, oh actually before I do, I will just mention how at one point it did become a floating vessel in the ocean, lol, good times 🙂

I started the hunt for dresses and other elements for the shoot and it got me thinking about how easy it can be to put together a wedding outfit and style on a budget. I had two outfits, the first dress I found in Myer, by Tiger Mist for $119 and the other was a stunning jumpsuit by, Three of Something from Dear Blackbird Boutique for $199 and they looked amazing, especially in the setting we were using them in. Together with some boho jewellery, some rustic foliage, natural looking make-up and some beach babe hair the look came together, and looked awesome, if I do say so myself 🙂

I have some very clever creative’s to thank for this shoot, Stephanie Benson, a local hairdresser (Mum) based in Warragul for her exceptional efforts to create the ever so wanted ‘beach hair’. Emily Collins, from #emilymariemakeupandbeauty, a stunning young girl, soon to be married in Port Douglas for her amazing make-up, my go to girls Tanya Dawes and Karina Dyer for their styling and more importantly for me, their endless support. Carly Haslam from Bunyip, another gorgeous Mumma that just has that knack for flowers and put together an amazing flower crown and bouquet. Hayley from Dear Blackbird boutique, for her range of jewellery and one of her very close friends, Staci Sargent for her stunning new rnage of stone jewellery that you will see featured in some images.

Love you all, thankyou for your input and keep your eyes peeled for some snow action on the next one 😉

Raelene xoxox




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For all those interested in contacting any of the people involved, here are details:

Steph Benson Hair, Intagram @s.a.benson

Carly Haslam, Instagram @wild_roots_florals

Karina Dyer, Instagram @personalised_style

Emily Collins, Instagram @emilymariemakeupandbeauty

Hayley, Dear Black Bird Boutique, Instagram @dear_blackbird_boutique

And of course me, Sleeping Grace Photography, Instagram @sleepinggrace

Enjoy x