How old does my baby need to be?

All of my newborns are photographed at around one week of age (ideally between 5-14 days old). This is the age I choose to photograph newborns in order to get the best quality pictures for each client. This is the age bracket required to achieve the results you see in my portfolio. Any parent will tell you how quickly your little ones will grow in those first couple of weeks, so it's essential that we capture them as early as we can.

Where are the photos taken?

My studio is located in Warragul (West Gippsland, Victoria), in the town centre, and this is where all my newborn sessions take place.

Does a newborn session include parent and sibling photographs?

Yes, absolutely. Your session is based around your newborn baby, however siblings and Mum and Dad can be included in the shoot if you would like. I'm also happy to help with any styling considerations (regarding colours, outfits, etc.) and this can be discussed in detail with you prior to your session.

How long is a newborn session generally?

My aim is to have you feeling completely relaxed and enjoying every moment of your session without feeling rushed. I allow about 3 hours and let your baby be my guide for your session. By allowing this amount of time you are able to look back later and reflect on a relaxing experience.

When is it best to book?

You can book in as soon as you like, the earlier the better. Sessions can fill up fast for the month as most people book in early in their pregnancy. Once you are booked in, your due date is recorded and then all you need to do is contact me as soon as you comfortably can once your new baby is in your arms. We will then book in a day and time for your photoshoot as soon as possible, aiming for around 5-14 days old.

How will I know what to bring and what to expect on the day of our shoot?

Upon booking your due date in, you will receive a welcome guide with all the relevant information, including what to bring, what my studio has for you and what to expect during your photo session.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.