Stacey & Dan… how do I possibly start to describe this amazing wedding day that will give it the justice it deserves! It was like, how can I say, the most delicious piece of chocolate I’d ever shared. Chocolate is, to me, the most brilliant thing on the planet, it makes me insanely happy! (Yes, I have lived…a little, lol) The incredible mountains that engulf Bright and its sister towns, like Wandiligong are the sort of places that make you stop. listen. love! I don’t think this couple could have picked a better place to firstly, pop that question that lead them to then being married amongst that same serenity. So, it all started the evening before the big day with a Pale Ale from the Bright Brewery where all of our excitement could be shared by chewing each other’s ears of in anxious chit chat about the day to come. That morning as the sun came up over the rolling hills, with a brisk walk alongside the Oven’s river, the reveal spot had been confirmed, the light and view was to die for. Done. This would be where Dan would see his bride dressed in her Rue De Seine gown for the very first time. And I tell you what, when that moment came around at midday, there would not have been a dry eye around! Enjoy a tiny little sneak peak into the incredible Wedding Day that was, Mr & Mrs Cleversley…

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Stacey & Daniel Cleversley



“I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes”