Let me help you capture your special day

Beautiful, and memorable, Wedding photography requires the fine balance between creating the perfect image and capturing the essence of the day that you experienced. Sleeping Grace Photography aims to tell the story from pre-wedding excitement to post ceremony bliss, producing a finished product of fine art wedding photography that documents these moments.

Capturing beautiful images of people in love is what inspired me to start photographing weddings. I look to capture the honesty that is inside the moment, rather than staging the romantic moments. There is so much raw emotion that is felt and expressed, from jitters to candid love to laughter, and all of it can be captured and re-told. I hope to create a picture storybook for you both to look back on over the years and have you remember all of the tender moments.

As I prepare for each wedding I find myself being drawn into the love story of each couple. As I get to know my lovely clients (clients that soon become friends) the history and romance of each couple seems to fuel my creative inspiration. I find myself compelled to capture the essence of their story and the moment it is sealed together, forever, in marriage. Each wedding has a unique look a unique pallet, if you like that ultimately allows a collection of photographs to come together to create the beginning of the next chapter of each love story told. It is a true honour to be the one who captures this special moment in time.

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